21 July, 2008

Release the Pullets.

Yes! Bejeezus 11 meets the public on Friday, July 25th. Stop by the Snack Institute for some delicious visuals and tasty snacks.

17 July, 2008

Mary Jane Rebel

Our little bitty pretty one has arrived. .. I am not as quick on the post as my expedient blog posting wife, but here are a couple nice images for you. Many more to come in the super near future. The word is we are kicked out of our room at 11:59 tonight, and MJ will have to hang out for a bit more. Everyone, including our forthcoming housemates A & A, will feel a bit more comfortable once we all get back to Washington Street and out of these hospitals over here on the East Side.

13 July, 2008

Chapter 11

Like we always do about this time. .. half of a year has passed, and a new Bejeezus is hitting the stands. This one wrapped up pretty nicely, pretty timely & fairly smooth. Number Eleven will now and forever be known as the Secondhand Issue. Between the found pullet photos on the cover you will find articles about '20s & '30s cast-iron, 16mm film, used book stores, historic site replicas, etc etc. Lets just say a whole lot of goodness rests on these pages.

A preview of the issue is shown over at Create Louisville, which I highly suggest hitting up sometime soon.. . Some good things are posted over there. The issue will officially be introducing itself at the release party on Friday, July 25th at the Snack Institute on Frankfort Avenue here in Louisville. A little art show will be happening as well, with 25 artists showing off (and selling off) some secondhand choice pieces of artwork.. . Not to be missed certainly.

Hope everyone digs it.

Records Packed.

As many of you know, Brooke and I have moved once or twice or five times in the last few moons. By now we have it down to an easy to manage process. Our skills are sharpened again this month as we plan for our shortest move yet, five blocks West. Its nice this time out because we dont have to fully pack everything, a couple car loads here and there will get us in the door quick without breaking too many backs. One of the larger chores that can't ever be avoided is packing up the large pile of records that eats up the a good fraction of our living space. Packing these things are one of my most daunting and enjoyable projects of moving. Weirdly I look forward to spending and evening or two with a bottle of Bulleit, pulling out the stacks, and usually making a mixtape in the process.. . .. the 'Musha Ring Dum a Doo Dum a Da' cassette a couple of you have came from the most current packing session. As you can see in this ridiculous photo, the record racks recently had some ebony stain thrown on them. Ive been wanting to do this for a few moves now, but the timing never worked out. Nice to have it out of the way finally. ..

Imagination Redux

This dude Jeremy Hug was one of the first folks to contact me after moving to Louisville a couple of years ago. Would I be interested in helping out with the visuals for his new album he asked. At the time his band was called Societies RV and the record would be entitled Imagination and a Pile of Dirt. Yes, of course, I'd love to be a part of it. So the record happened, all is well, sounds and visuals are nice. Fast forward a couple of years and the band transitions from Societies RV to Slark Martyr and a re-issue of Imagination is in order. So I go digging through the digital archives only to find that all of my "S" folders have been corrupt, making this the second project I have had to rebuild from scratch due to this little digital blip.. . Bummer right? Anyway, long story short, too late I guess, there had to a redesign of the original artwork. .. which is good, because I think this one turned out better anyway.