13 July, 2008

Imagination Redux

This dude Jeremy Hug was one of the first folks to contact me after moving to Louisville a couple of years ago. Would I be interested in helping out with the visuals for his new album he asked. At the time his band was called Societies RV and the record would be entitled Imagination and a Pile of Dirt. Yes, of course, I'd love to be a part of it. So the record happened, all is well, sounds and visuals are nice. Fast forward a couple of years and the band transitions from Societies RV to Slark Martyr and a re-issue of Imagination is in order. So I go digging through the digital archives only to find that all of my "S" folders have been corrupt, making this the second project I have had to rebuild from scratch due to this little digital blip.. . Bummer right? Anyway, long story short, too late I guess, there had to a redesign of the original artwork. .. which is good, because I think this one turned out better anyway.

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