13 July, 2008

Chapter 11

Like we always do about this time. .. half of a year has passed, and a new Bejeezus is hitting the stands. This one wrapped up pretty nicely, pretty timely & fairly smooth. Number Eleven will now and forever be known as the Secondhand Issue. Between the found pullet photos on the cover you will find articles about '20s & '30s cast-iron, 16mm film, used book stores, historic site replicas, etc etc. Lets just say a whole lot of goodness rests on these pages.

A preview of the issue is shown over at Create Louisville, which I highly suggest hitting up sometime soon.. . Some good things are posted over there. The issue will officially be introducing itself at the release party on Friday, July 25th at the Snack Institute on Frankfort Avenue here in Louisville. A little art show will be happening as well, with 25 artists showing off (and selling off) some secondhand choice pieces of artwork.. . Not to be missed certainly.

Hope everyone digs it.

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