13 May, 2009

mperfection around town this weekend

No more putting it off, some new mperfection is hitting the streets this weekend in Louisville, Kentucky.

First, on Friday the 15th, the walls 1583 Bardstown Road will feature 20 of the real-deal artists in Louisville. This show is the maiden voyage at The Kin Ship Gallery, tucked conveniently in the rear of the new WHY Louisville retail space. You may or may not be happy to know that MPERFECT completed a new piece just in time for the submission deadline.. , so expect to see some merfect newness...

Go here for a bit more info on the event. .. http://www.kinshipgallery.com

Next, after you take Saturday off because of your artwork binge the night before, Sunday the 17th is the Butchertown Art Fair. MPERFECT is pleased and thankful to work on all of the promotional materials for this event. .. I've spent the last couple of days finally starting on items to stock the MPERFECT booth. Mostly new materials will be available for the masses. Come one come all, it'll be good to see you.

For more details on this fair event., , check out: http://butchertown.blogspot.com

14 April, 2009


i think there are too many billboards in our country. .. visual pollution on otherwise beautiful openness.

that said, i've always wanted to have one in some weird location promoting MPERFECT. you know, maybe just a small little sign tacked on the side of a building or possibly painted on the side of a barn in some small town in the middle of nowhere. or even along one of those all too common Billboard Rows on the interstate where you see 30 to 50 billboards for a few strip clubs, obnoxious RV dealers, or worse—a mega church.

so, imagine my surprise when we passed this sign in North Port, Florida this week:

i was like, ah, thats pretty sweet... its not really MPERFECT, but its close. and then i noticed it was one of those rotating billboards with 3 different panels. it turned to this:

a billboard for a fucking mega church. bummer. we drove by the church and they were having an easter egg hunt with probably 2000 people there.. it was a little insane.

the first mperfect cake ever made. ..


09 March, 2009

All New Butchertown Art Fair

hello all. ..

Announcing the All New Butchertown Art Fair, set to take place on May 17, 2009 in the heart of Butchertown, Louisville, Kentucky.

We are currently accepting applications for booth space, AT OUR LOWEST RATES EVER—STARTING AT $25 for Butchertown residents. Details for the event are posted over at the Butchertown Neighborhood Association website.

Download Application Form Here!
Applications and payment due no later than May 2, 2009. Checks payable to the Butchertown Neighborhood Association.
Remit to: Natasha Maze, Butchertown Art Fair, 1401 Quincy Street, Louisville, Ky 40206

PalPal payment options coming soon!

20 December, 2008

Bejeezus Event

many thanks to everyone who stopped by the Green Building on Friday night to attend the Bejeezus Magazine Holiday Party. .. we hope a delightful time was has by all.. . a quick look:

12 December, 2008

none better

Otis Redding & Jimi Hendrix Experience 'Live at Monterey Pop Festival'

have you ever heard this LP? this record is suuuper good. i rarely listen to the Hendrix side, as great as it is.. .. Redding just kills it in this performance.. .the last act on Saturday night of the Monterey Pop Fest in 1967. they went on about midnight, with Booker T and the MGs and the MarKeys as his backing band. they knock out 5 songs in a touch over 15 minutes, and each is real exciting and real tight.

i still remember the first time i saw video of this performance. all of the footage i have seen has these weird crowd shots all though-out "Try a Little Tenderness" . .. which sorta bums me out because its such a great performance. but check out this video of "I've Been Loving You Too Long" .. . so good! he also does "Satisfaction" here,. .. probably the best that song has ever been:

alright. back to it.