14 April, 2009


i think there are too many billboards in our country. .. visual pollution on otherwise beautiful openness.

that said, i've always wanted to have one in some weird location promoting MPERFECT. you know, maybe just a small little sign tacked on the side of a building or possibly painted on the side of a barn in some small town in the middle of nowhere. or even along one of those all too common Billboard Rows on the interstate where you see 30 to 50 billboards for a few strip clubs, obnoxious RV dealers, or worse—a mega church.

so, imagine my surprise when we passed this sign in North Port, Florida this week:

i was like, ah, thats pretty sweet... its not really MPERFECT, but its close. and then i noticed it was one of those rotating billboards with 3 different panels. it turned to this:

a billboard for a fucking mega church. bummer. we drove by the church and they were having an easter egg hunt with probably 2000 people there.. it was a little insane.

the first mperfect cake ever made. ..